May 29, 2013

Home Matters!

With Neighborhood Housing Services of South Buffalo’s Help,
Momentum Builds Nationally for Home Matters

May 20, 2013

Wind Power in Our Homes

Last week, we talked about using solar power in your home to either totally power or at least assist in powering your house. This week we’re going to continue talking about clean energy with another method that gets a lot of pictures taken of it – wind power! You’ve probably seen the Steel Winds project on Lake Erie, near Lackawanna. It is one of the largest urban wind developments in the world, producing enough power for about 6,000 average American homes. Read on for information about your own wind power project!

May 13, 2013

Weatherization Teams Up With Block Clubs to Green the Neighborhood

On this blog, we’ve talked quite a bit about the weatherization services that we at Neighborhood Housing Services of South Buffalo offer. Not only does having your home weatherized lead to a lower energy cost for you, it also creates a greener and healthier environment in your home.

May 6, 2013

Using Solar Power in Your Home

                During the recent presidential election, the question was often brought up about alternative power sources. Now, more often than not, they were referring to gasoline alternatives, but we should think about different ways to get power to our homes and businesses as well. After all, what if any of the post-apocalyptic shows and movies ever came true? We would want to still be able to use our devices and appliances, I’m sure! We’re going to look at a couple different alternative sources we could use now. First up is solar power.