September 9, 2014

Weatherization Services Available

“Everyone that I encountered in this program was very respectful
 of my time and property. This program was awesome 
and I would recommend it to anyone in need of help.”

“I would like to thank the whole crew who has worked 
on our house weatherizing.  Every man did an excellent job. 
Thank you all.”

These are just a couple of the nice comments that we received this year from our Weatherization Assistance Program customers. For several years, NHS of South Buffalo has been hard at work weatherizing thousands of homes in the Buffalo area. In fact, two years ago, we were one of the most productive agencies in the country in doing so! (Thanks to ARRA.) The Weatherization Assistance Program is now partnered with NYSERDA’s EmPower program to provide Buffalo residents with the best service we can provide.  

The Weatherization program features an experienced team of staff members who conduct an energy audit and weatherize your home, including weather-stripping and caulking of doors and windows; cleaning, testing, and repairs of heating systems; adding insulation to walls and ceilings; and minor repairs as needed. After weatherization, another inspection will follow to check quality and effectiveness. 

Most of the homes in Buffalo are poorly insulated, and sealing them up can save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their utilities by making sure it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Few people realize that the Weatherization Assistance Program can help both homeowners and renters!

To see a heating assessment video we invite you to visit our YouTube channel. You can also find more information on our website, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts for all the latest in news and events!